Managers and reps often want to know how their email content is performing so that they can optimize it. This is now possible through the CRM. Managers and Reps can know open rates, click rates, and reply rates, for every Email Template used in Playbooks.

The fields that track this information can be added individually or by installing the "Advanced Email Tracking Fields" unmanaged package.


  1. User completing the installation must have the Salesforce System Permission to “Download AppExchange Packages”.





  1. Login to your Salesforce org, then copy/paste the appropriate link in the tab's URL, then GO!
  2. Change the option for “What if existing component names conflict with ones in this package” to = Rename conflicting components in package.
  3. Select to “Install for All Users”. Installing for All Users does NOT enable application for all users in your Salesforce organization.  Rather, it enables all new app-specific profile permissions added by so that the application will function properly. This will make it much easier to add users from various profiles to the application in the future.
  4. Click Install.
  5. The installation process should take only a couple of minutes to complete. You will see a completion alert as well as an email from once it was successfully installed.


You will also see the newly installed package by navigating to Setup > Build > Installed Packages. Below is a list of installed components.

  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Opened
  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Open Count
  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Link Clicked 
  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Link Click Count
  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Link Clicked Data
  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Replied
  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Reply Count
  • Task Field - Playbooks Step Email Template Name


  1. Modify the Integration User and Basic User Playbooks Permission Sets with the correct Field Accessibility using the field accessibility documentation as your guide.
  2. Build activity reports based on the tracking fields.
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