How Calls Are Made Video

Connecting the Agent & Prospect

1 - When you place a call with Playbooks, the system will first connect with YOU, the Caller (Rep/Playbooks user). 

2 - When the Caller (Playbooks user) picks up the incoming call from InsideSales, this establishes what is called the "Agent Leg".

3 - InsideSales will now call out to the prospect/record. When they answer the call this establishes the "Client Leg".

At this point the Caller, Callee, and InsideSales are connected

Changing your Agent Number

 Your agent number can be any direct number where the InsideSales system can reach you (desk phone, mobile phone, home phone, etc.) 

To set your agent phone number go to: Menu > Settings > Phone.

  • Needs to be a direct phone number (no extensions)
  • Meets e.164 phone number standards
  • Phone number does not have call forwarding enabled

Disconnecting your Agent Connection

Sometimes the agent connection can get stuck. This is when the InsideSales system thinks that you are connected and ready to make a call to the prospect, but actually you are not.

  1. To disconnect go to Menu > Settings > Phone
  2. The "Disconnect"
  3. You can then re-initiate the call to your prospect.

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