New customers should work with an representative to provision a Playbooks account. 

Required First Steps

  • Decide who will serve as the Administrator of your Playbooks application
  • The email address of the Playbooks Admin must be saved on the User Page in Dynamics
  • Note: To use Playbooks, each user must be on the same email domain as the Playbooks Admin”

Provide the following information to the InsideSales Representative creating your Playbooks account. 

  • Playbooks Administrator Email Address
    Note: Each user must have the same email domain as the Playbooks Admin.
  • Playbooks Administrator CRM UID
    For help identifying the CRM UID see below.
  • Email Client
    Outlook for PC, Outlook for Mac, Other
  • Geographical Location(s)
    Currently Playbooks can be provisioned for North America, EMEA, and APAC (with some exclusions). Consideration of where callers and callees are physically located is important in order to provide the best possible call quality.
  • Credential Type (Sign-On Preference)
    Playbooks can require a unique login/password or it can utilize the user’s existing CRM login (similar to single sign-on). Note: Sandboxes do not have the ability to use Sign On with Salesforce or Sign On with Dynamics option. 

Once the Playbooks Account is provisioned, the Playbooks Administrator will receive a Welcome Email. If the Credential Type specified will create a login/password, this email will contain a link to go setup the password. Password requirements are:

  • 6+ Characters
  • 1 Uppercase
  • 1 Lowercase
  • 1 Number

Locating the Playbooks Admin CRM UID

  1. Navigate in Dynamics as follows: Dynamics > Settings > Security > Users
  2. Click [Export to Excel] then select [Static Worksheet]:
  3. Open the excel spreadsheet with the exported user data
  4. Enable Editing on the excel spreadsheet. You’ll notice that the furthermost left column is column D. This is because columns A, B, and C are hidden by default in the export. 
  5. Unhide Column A in the spreadsheet
  6. The 20 character CRM UID appears in Column A

Example: UID = F8C4D87F-BC88-44C7-98E5-F04EE2B38080

Deliver this UID to the InsideSales Representative helping you to provision so they can provision your Playbooks account.


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