Two Solution Files

There are two Solution Files that need to be imported: 

  1. InsideSales Playbooks Solution - contains the fields and  security role needed
  2. Playbooks Activity Solution - contains views, charts, and dashboards

Version Matters!

Download and import the correct Solution File for the version of Dynamics you are running (8.0, 8.2, or 9.0). This is indicated at the end of the Solution File name.

Import the Solutions

  1. In Dynamics, navigate to Settings > Customizations > Solutions
  2. Click the Import button, then browse to the Playbooks Solution files
  3. When prompted, click Next, then Import.

Components Installed


After installing the Playbooks Solution, these fields need to be added to their respective entity forms in Dynamics CRM if you want them displayed to the users in the Dynamics user interface.

Security Role: Playbooks Service User

This role must be assigned to the Playbooks System User in your CRM.

Contact Views and Charts

  • View - Playbooks Contact Enrollment by Play
  • View - Playbooks Play Status by Contact
  • View - Playbooks Contact Play Enrollment by Play
  • Chart - Playbooks | Play Distribution | Contacts
  • Chart - Playbooks | Play Status | Contacts
  • Chart - Playbooks | Contacts Enrolled by Rep

Lead Views and Charts

  • View - Playbooks Lead Enrollment by Play
  • View - Playbooks Play Status - Leads
  • View - Playbooks - Lead Play Enrollment by Play
  • Chart - Playbooks | Play Distribution | Leads
  • Chart - Playbooks | Play Status | Leads
  • Chart - Playbooks | Leads Enrolled by Rep


  • Playbooks Activities
  • Playbooks Strategy

For more details on the installed Views, Charts, and Dashboards review this Dynamics & Playbooks Reporting article.


  1. Review and understand the users and credentials needed to setup Playbooks with Dynamics.
  2. Configure the Playbooks System User
    This is a non-interactive user.
  3. Identify which Dynamics CRM user will be the Playbooks Administrator.
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