Let's say you are presented with a Phone Call task in Playbooks, you reach out to the Lead or Contact, and they would like you to call them back at a later date. You wouldn't want to remove them from the current Play, but rather you want to inject a scheduled callback, postponing future tasks of this Play.

Steps to Schedule a Call

  1. Click the "Schedule a Call" button
  2. Enter the date using the calendar icon
  3. Enter a time. Note that depending on time zone differences it will update accordingly. (If they say "Call me at 3pm" then it will update YOUR TIME automatically.)
  4. Check the box to add this to your calendar (optional). This will add an event to your calendar that you will receive in your inbox, and the calendar event includes a link to the record in Playbooks for easy retrieval.)
  5. Then add "Notes" on the Cue card for that conversation (optional).
  6. Click Save, and future tasks will be blocked until this Callback time.

Calendar event with link to the Playbooks record.

Playbooks record displaying scheduled task.


Explore Insights for your enrolled Playbooks records to arm yourself with relevant talking points.

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