As a rep, your day is packed with phone calls and emails to send to HOT prospects, follow up tasks on open opportunities, nurturing activities for older leads, etc., etc.. Use some of these Playbooks features to help structure your to-do tasks.

Filter & Sort Tasks Options

When you click "NEXT" at the bottom of Playbooks, make sure that you will be delivered the most relevant tasks using these Task filter options (Menu > Tasks > Filter):

  • Sort by "Neural Score" if you are a NEURALYTICS subscribed customer. This will give you the records most likely to close (or reach success) based on a close score. 
  • Sort by "Play & Step" - If you have a "HOT LEADS" or priority Play, start your prospecting session off with this option. 
  • Sort by "Company Name" - Targeted Account messaging is a great way to prospect. If you've got a great conversation starter, use it on all your contacts to an organization using this sort by option. If you specify "All" Companies then they will be delivered alphabetically.
  • Filter by "Phone" or "Email" task type - Get into the repetitive motion of one task type. For example, complete all your phone tasks, or send all your emails at once. Focus is key and can help you streamline your tasks.
  • Filter by "Past Due" tasks - Did you take an extra long weekend? Don't forget to complete your Past Due tasks first to stay on track with your Plays.
  • Filter by Time Zone - If you cover a large territory, be sure to zero in on leads and contacts during THEIR business hours.
  • ...and lots more filter and sort options. Go to Menu > Tasks > Filter to explore.

Custom Task Sorts

Working through a list of tasks in the most efficient way is critical to reps as they go throughout their day. Playbooks has enabled reps to choose from a set of standard task sort options. With this release, managers can create new task sorts that leverage CRM values to sort tasks. This allows managers to prioritize tasks for reps.

For example, a manager can prioritize records that have a certain lead status and industry before other records.

To create Custom Sorts:

  1. Log into the manager app and click the Settings tab
  2. Click the Custom Sorts menu option in the left menu
  3. Click on the green plus button to create a new sort
  4. Name the sort and choose which teams can view their tasks by this custom sort

Each Custom Sort consists of stacked rules that determine which records are prioritized for reps first. When tasks are presented to reps, the tasks that match criteria in the first rule are shown above tasks that match criteria in the second rule, and so on. Create criteria for each rule and then save the sort.

Skip a Step

Plays designed to take advantage of multiple communication channels can be very effective. But what if your Play prescribes an email step and you've already confirmed and exhausted all possible email addresses for the lead record? Or it's a Phone Call Step and the phone is out of service, but you suspect this is a temporary "billing situation". You have the ability to skip a step and record the reason for the skip. This will keep you moving to the next Step in the Play.

Reschedule a Step

Let's say you've set your filter and sort options and are working thru your list of tasks using the NEXT button at the bottom of Playbooks, and you are presented a task for a record that you know is not ready to proceed in the sales process. Maybe they told you that they need additional time to consider some collateral and talk to other stakeholders within the organization.
If you simply click "NEXT" and ignore this task it will be presented to you again later that day. So the best option for this scenario is to "Reschedule the Step". You can pick a day in the future for this task to be presented and you can proceed with the Play Sequence on that day.

Schedule a Callback

Let's say you've got a Lead with a legitimate phone number (and they even pick up the phone!!). But they can't talk now and asked you to call them back in a couple days. You won't want to miss this task, so use the "Schedule a Call" button to set a callback in the future. 

Pausing Record in Play

With pause a Play, if a prospect is out of the office, or unavailable for a certain amount of time, a user can choose to pause the Play and have the steps automatically resume on a certain future date up to a month out.

To pause a record in a Play:

  1. Load a person or task in Playbooks
  2. Click the Play Enrollment drop-down
  3. Click “Pause this play”
  4. Select a future date, press Save

If for any reason a user needs to resume the Play earlier than what was set, navigate to the person in Playbooks and click the resume link near the bottom of the page. To help users remember who is paused, while viewing
the person list page users will see an icon indicating which people are currently in a paused status.

Weekends & Holidays

Tasks are never scheduled for weekends (Saturday & Sunday). If a task would fall on a weekend due to the structure of a play, the task will automatically be rescheduled for the next Monday. Tasks are scheduled on Holidays.

Overdue Tasks

If you do not complete a task in the day that it is due, it is automatically rescheduled for the next business day. This means that if it is due on Monday, it will be rescheduled for Tuesday. If the task was scheduled for Friday, it will be rescheduled for Monday.

When you load a task in Playbooks, it will inform you if the task is overdue. You can also filter the task list to only view overdue tasks.

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