Upon logging into Playbooks, users are brought to the Dashboard. This is a great place to evaluate the tasks you need to complete today and quickly get started by either clicking "Start Today's Tasks" or the "NEXT" button on the bottom.

Menu Button

Located in the top right corner, the Menu button is where a user navigates to administer their Tasks, Plays, People, Email Templates, and personal settings. This is also where you can quickly place a manual dial by clicking "Place a Call".

Tasks To Be Completed

At a glance, the Dashboard tells me the number of Phone Call, Email, and Past Due tasks I need to complete today.

Then as I begin working thru my tasks I will see my progress on the top Progress Bar.  The little tick marks light up green to represent the percentage completed.

Points & Rank

Up at the top of the Dashboard is also where you can see your Points and Rank within your team. This updates as you make phone calls, send emails, and have conversations.

  • Phone Call = 1 pt
  • Email = 1 pt
  • Phone calls over 2 mins = 5 pts
  • Play Successful = 1 pt


All emails that are sent through Playbooks are tracked so that you are notified when a prospect engages with your emails. As people engage with your emails, the number of Playbooks notifications will grow.

Now you can get Desktop Notifications! Click here to learn more.

Notable Events

The Dashboard also displays relevant news for records currently enrolled in Plays. If Reps use this tool to review content, it can save them time scouring for the information from multiple other sites, and gives them specific context in their phone calls and emails.


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