Instead of sending an email now, schedule the email to be automatically sent by Playbooks. In some circumstances, it is beneficial to delay an email; you can have Playbooks automatically send that email for you at a specified time. 

With Auto-Send, a time can be selected for the email to be sent, or NeuralSend can be enabled to find the best time of day to send each email based on our analytics.

Auto-Send can be used in two areas. The first area is within the Play editor:

  1. Open the Playbooks Menu
  2. Select 'Plays'
  3. Select the desired Play and edit it or create a new Play
  4. To the right of 'Add another step', select the Auto Email icon OR Select the Email icon and then click on 'Send Automatically'
  5. Leave the setting on NeuralSend or select a time
  6. Save the Email step and Save the Play

Note: If you would like to have the email sent a few days after another step, use the Wait Time in between the two steps.

The second area where Auto-Send can be used is in an Email task:

  1. Open an Email task or select a Person who is on an Email task
  2. Click the three vertical dots to the right of the Step name
  3. Select 'Send Later'
  4. Leave the setting on NeuralSend or select a date and time
  5. Click 'Schedule'

All queued automated emails can be found in the Playbooks menu under 'Automated'.

Note on Limits: Playbooks has no limit to the number of automated emails that can be sent. However, O365 and Gmail both have native limits to the number of emails that can be sent per day. 

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