Local Presence will give a Sales Rep the ability to use a local number as the caller ID when calling a prospect/client to increase their contact rate.

Steps to Activate Local Presence

  1. Login to Playbooks Extension
  2. Navigate to the Insidesales.com logo/ Menu button in the top left corner
  3. Select 'Settings' and then choose 'Phone'
  4. Under the 'Caller ID' section use the dropdown menu to select 'Local Presence'
  5. Make sure to save your selection and exit the settings menu

How Does Local Presence Work?

Playbooks will evaluate the dialed number's area code and determine the same or nearby area code to display.

If the prospect/customer calls the number back (from the same phone number dialed):

  • InsideSales will route the call back to the last Sales Rep that called that record using Playbooks. 
  • The call is routed directly to the current Agent Number of the Sales Rep. 
  • Currently, the incoming call will not be logged in Playbooks or the CRM. The Playbooks product team is working on an enhancement to address this.


  • Increase contact rates up to 38% when switching from a toll free number
  • Increase contact rates up to 25% when switching from a long distance number
  • Obtain a local network presence in all major markets

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