Playbooks users have the ability to make calls directly from a record in the CRM. They will need to enable the function from their personal phone settings in the Playbooks extension.

  1. Login to the Playbooks extension 
  2. Click on the logo/menu button in the top left corner
  3. Choose settings at the bottom 
  4. Go to the 'Phone' section on the left
  5. Check the box under additional settings 'Enable CRM Click-to-Call

With this setting enabled, Playbooks will scour the record for phone numbers in any field and hyperlink the number. 

NOTE: Some European customers have reported that date fields and other non-phone number fields are being hyperlinked incorrectly and the numbers have been re-formatted to E.164 format. 

The Playbooks product team is aware of this and formulating a solution, but as a short-term solution contact our Support Team to have that field black-listed preventing Playbooks from reformatting and adding the hyperlink.

Note: Playbooks is not supported for use in Salesforce Sales Console - Classic and therefore phone numbers will not be hyperlinked in Classic Salesforce. Lightning Sales Console is fully supported

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