To run reports around what records are in a given play and their status, you’ll need to create a number of custom fields on the lead or contact object within your CRM. If you create the fields and name the exact right API name, Playbooks will push data to them. The following fields are available for prospect/Person Playbook status reporting.

Included in 'Basic' Unmanaged Package:

  • Playbooks Play Name - Shows the name of the play the prospect is currently in.
  • Playbooks Play Step - The step number for the next task due on the prospect.
  • Playbooks Play Status - Shows the status of the prospect in the play; Not Started, In-flight, Failure, Success, and Un-enrolled
  • Playbooks Next Task Date - The date of the next scheduled task for this prospect.

Neuralytics Customers ONLY:

  • Neuralytics Close Score - A score generated to predict the likelihood of a record to close or reach defined success.
  • Neuralytics Close Score Last Updated - The date the field was last updated.
  • Neuralytics Close Score Grade - 4 bins you can define to display score (ex: A, B, C, D)

Ala-Carte Fields:

  • Playbooks Info Updated - Shows the last date and time an action was taken in Playbooks for the prospect.

Playbooks Play Status Details

As you move records in and out of Plays and Playbooks you will want to understand the values being reported on the Lead/Contact record.

  • Not Started: A prospect has been enrolled in a Play, but the first step has not yet been completed
  • In Flight: A prospect has had at least one Play task completed, but has not run the full course of the Play 
  • Failure: A prospect has run the entire course of the Play without being removed, or marked as successful
  • Success: A prospect has been marked as successful based on the user’s criteria. (Example success criteria: an appointment was set, record transferred to a different rep for further development)
  • Unenrolled: A record has been removed from a Play, either manually by the Playbooks user or an Automation Rule
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