To run more detailed reports around the effectiveness of certain Plays or steps within a Play, you’ll want to run more advanced reporting. To run more advanced reports, you must first create new fields in CRM to capture the data. If you create the fields and name the exact right API name, Playbooks will push data to them. 

Note: For easier installation, we've created unmanaged packages that include the fields and reports that reference those fields. You may determine to install these unmanaged packages or just add fields one at a time depending on your CRM.

Included in 'Basic' Unmanaged Package:

  • Playbooks Call Date - Shows the date and time that a call took place.
  • Playbooks Call Hour - The hour of day that the call was placed.
  • Playbooks Play Name - The name of the Play that the record was in at the time the action was made
  • Playbooks Step Number - The step number tied to the Play for the given action that was made.
  • Play Step Type - The type of step of a given interaction – Phone, Email, or Other
  • Playbooks Call Recording - Displays a link that takes users to a portal to be downloaded after Playbooks login is confirmed.

Included in 'Advanced Email' Unmanaged Package:

  • Playbooks Step Email Template Name - The name of the email template used to generate the email
  • Playbooks Step Email Opened - Checkbox updated when the recipient opens the email
  • Playbooks Step Email Open Count - Displays the number of times an email is opened.
  • Playbooks Step Email Replied - Checkbox updated when recipient replies to email
  • Playbooks Step Email Reply Count - Displays the number of times a recipient replies to a specific email
  • Playbooks Step Email Link Clicked - Checkbox updated if the recipient clicks a link in the email
  • Playbooks Step Email Link Click Count - Displays the number of times a link was clicked.
  • Playbooks Step Email Link Clicked Data - Text field displays the link URL

Ala-Carte Fields:

  • Playbooks Ring Time - Shows the total time in seconds a call rang before being answered or a rep hangup.
  • Playbooks Call Identifier - The unique ID of a phone call placed through Playbooks.

All field information (API name, field type, etc) is available in our Field Level Access Documentation.

Due to the nature of unmanaged packages, fields and reports created/installed from a Playbooks Unmanaged Package cannot be updated by future versions of the package. However, components can be edited and deleted.

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