Automatic Email Send

While Playbooks has always enabled reps to quickly personalize emails before sending, it has not accounted for times when customizing an email is not needed. These scenarios include product or funding announcements,conference invites, and follow-up emails. This is now solved with automatic email email send.

 To use automatic emails, simply add or edit an email step and switch it to "SendAutomatically", then select a send time.

  • Reps can create plays with a maximum of 3 consecutive steps using auto-emails.
  • Currently auto-emails can only be configured from the extension. This functionality will be coming shortly to the manager application.

Automatic emails do not appear in the list of tasks to do for a given day since no action is required for the email to be sent. If a rep needs to view or edit an automated email, they can be accessed in the Playbooks menu under the newAutomated Tasks option

Next Step Date to CRM

We've had feedback from a number of users that they want to know the next scheduled date they'll interact with a prospect. Playbooks can now optionally publish the next date a prospect will be interacted with directly into the CRM.Using this information, reps can create reports in the CRM showing who they'll be working with and on what date. This functionality must be configured by aCRM admin to be available.

Dynamics Customers: To start using the Next Step Date field, log in to themanager app, access the field mapping tool, and map the new next step date tothe desired field from the CRM.

Salesforce customers: To start using the Next Step Date field, create a datefield with the API name "Playbooks_Next_Step_Due_Date" on the lead andcontact objects in the CRM.

Other Platforms: All customers using other platforms please contact your account manager.

Other Product Improvements

The following Playbooks improvements or issues have been resolved with this release:

  • Fixed an issue where tasks would get stuck for deleted prospects and could not be completed
  • Updated icons in the play creation screen
  • Removed the "Busy" option from call results
  • Addressed a number of issues around long phone extensions breaking the UI
  • Added text formatting support to Cue cards
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