Improved Prospect Import

Prior to this release, when a prospect was imported into Playbooks only the main phone and email address on the prospect were imported. With this release, now all standard phone and email fields on the record will automatically be included while importing a prospect into Playbooks.

While editing a prospect reps can now add additional numbers or email addresses to the prospect and have those sync to the CRM. For example, if a rep finds a mobile number on a website, simply edit the record in Playbooks,click "Add Phone" and select "Mobile" - this will save the number to the mobile field in the CRM.

Before completing a task in Playbooks, reps can now see the name of the phone or email address they are about to engage with, making it easier to reach out to the right phone or email.

Numbers and email addresses that are not synced to the CRM are set to"Unsynced". This is useful when a rep finds some contact information but there is not a field in the CRM to hold it. By default, all existing phone and email addresses currently in Playbooks are set to unsynced. InsideSales will attempt to sync the number/email the first time you edit a prospect.

Note:  Only standard CRM fields for phone and email are imported - custom fields are not supported at this time.

Other Product Improvements

The following Playbooks improvements or issues have been resolved with this release:

  • Fixed an issue where cue cards stayed the same while moving betweendifferent call steps.
  • Fixed an issue where list view import would go blank while trying to import duplicates.
  • Fixed a number of other list view import issues.Fixed an issue where the predictive reasons on the close score was not being displayed.
  • Added the ability to select "No Opportunity" while editing a contact in Playbooks. Added a first time user login experience that appears when reps login without having configured Playbooks entirely.
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