Auto-Emails in the Manager App

Managers can now create plays with auto-email steps from the Playbooks manager app and share them with their teams. To access this they can simply create a play, add an email step and then click the toggle to send automatically.

Dashboard Update

We've given the Dashboard a design refresh as well as added the ability to see automated tasks going out today. In order to use this create a play with an auto-email step and add prospects to that play

Mass Update Speed Improvements

When mass enrolling or un-enrolling prospects in Playbooks the product often became slow and didn't show status. We've increased speed by 100% and added status updates so you know if the update is going to take some time.

Other Product Improvements

The following Playbooks improvements or issues have been resolved with thisrelease:

  • Fixed an issue where double spacing still occurred fro some emails.
  • Made success messages in list view imports more clear.
  • Fixed an issue where merge fields became unresolved after refreshing the page on an email step.
  • Fixed an issue where the Comments field in Salesforce CRM would get converted to a phone. link when containing phone number.
  • Fixed an issue where user's couldn't edit play step contents once users were enrolled.
  • Removed unnecessary extension permissions when installing.
  • Made deleting prospects more reliable.
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