Call Log Remarks

Frequently reps need to take notes about a specific phone call. With the newRemarks feature, reps can easily take notes and have those notes saved to theCRM tied to the call activity. To use Remarks, simply end a call and enter your remarks on the call disposition screen. Remarks are saved to the subject field on the activity record in the CRM.

Report Call Quality

Occasionally there may be quality issues with a call, such as static, echo, etc. To make it easier to report these issues to a Report Call Quality button has been added to the product. To submit a call quality report, click the new Report Call Quality button on the call disposition screen and follow the prompts.

Improved Click-to-Call (Salesforce Only)

Reps can now use Click-to-Call to call contacts on Accounts and Opportunities from within Salesforce. To call a contact, find the contact object on an Account or Opportunity and simply click the blue hyperlinked number. If the numbers are not hyperlinked, be sure click-to-call is enabled in Phone Settings within Playbooks.

Other Product Improvements

The following Playbooks improvements or issues have been resolved with thisrelease:

  • Added a hover to Play Name in list view imports, making it easier to tell what Play to select.
  • Plays are now sorted alphabetically on the Play select screen.
  • Updated the top bar in Playbooks to fit the style of the application better.
  • Resolved an issue with auto-enrolling prospects without companies.
  • Resolved an issue where list view import did not work in Lightning UI inSalesforce.
  • Resolved an issue where importing a Canadian number was not recognized as valid.
  • Resolved an issue where Playbooks wouldn't reopen when there were multiple tabs open.
  • Resolved an issue where the first time user experience was not displayed on Salesforce Sandboxes.
  • Resolved an issue where past call dispositions were not being displayed in Playbooks.
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