LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration

Reps are constantly looking for new information about their prospects to make their calls or emails relevant and stick out. To help reduce the time reps spend time tracking down information, we've added LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Playbooks Insights.

Reps can now find icebreakers, see common connections that can give them an introduction, and save related leads, all in context of the current prospect they're reaching out to in Playbooks.

To access this feature reps can open Insights on any call, email, or other step within Playbooks.

NOTE: This is currently only available for those with a LinkedIn Sales NavigatorTeam account.

Other Product Improvements

The following Playbooks improvements or issues have been resolved with thisrelease:

  • Resolved an issue where the call button was getting stuck loading with three loading dots.
  • Resolved an issue where sometimes the CRM button did not open the CRM record.
  • Resolved an issue where CRM navigation mode was not working in Lightning.
  • Resolved an issue where the scheduled date on Tasks was not displaying the number of days.
  • Improved stability around End Call and disposition scenarios to prevent any freezing.
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