Add & View in Playbooks Buttons

In this release, we've simplified the process of adding prospects to Playbooks from the CRM. Reps can now add records with a single click on any Lead orContact record across all Lead, Contact, Opportunity and Account pages.

We've also added a "View in Playbooks" button. Using this reps can quickly see which prospects are already enrolled and prevent wasting time on importing those records.

NOTE: this is currently only available in Salesforce CRM.

Other Product Improvements:

  • Resolved an issue where plays couldn't be edited even without prospects enrolled.
  • Resolved an issue where Click-to-Call calls wouldn't log to Opportunities inSalesforce.
  • Resolved an issue where prospects couldn't be removed from plays or marked successful.
  • Resolved an issue where deleting one attachment in a play step removed all attachments in that step.
  • Resolved an issue where not all merge fields displayed on small monitors.
  • Resolved an issue where phone extensions didn't display on the On Call banner.
  • Changed the size of the horizontal scroll bar on email steps to be more usable.
  • Improved experience when disconnected from the CRM.
  • Resolved an issue where the Notes tab would switch back to Plays duringCRM navigation.
  • Resolved an issue where display names with special characters didn't display well for SMTP users.
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