Weekly Task View

Playbooks does a great job at showing you the tasks that are due today, but it hasn't provided visibility into the future. With the Weekly Task View, reps can now see how many tasks are coming up in the future. This enables reps to better plan their week, identify days where they don't have enough to do, etc.

To view future tasks open the Playbooks Menu and click "Future Tasks".

Manual Call Transfers

While on a call, a rep may need to transfer a call to a different party. The newCall Transfer feature leverages the transfer capabilities that already exist on the rep's phone, while ensuring the transferred call is still logged to the CRM. To use the new call transfer functionality:

  1. Place a call
  2. Click the dial-pad icon next to the disconnect button
  3. Click Call Transfer
  4. Complete the transfer using the desk phone
  5. When you are done with the transfer and want to drop from the call, click the complete button in Playbook. The other parties on the transferred call will continue to be connected but the rep can move on to their next call.

Send Feedback

Reps can now report an issue, make a feature request, or ask a question to InsideSales.com directly from within Playbooks. This can be accessed at the bottom of the updated Playbooks menu under Feedback

UI/UX Changes

Improved Ad-Hoc Dialer Pad A number improvements have been made to the ad-hoc dialer pad. These changes include larger buttons that are easier to read,improved overall layout, and support for multiple phone numbers.

Improved Navigation Playbooks now shows reps what page they are on with a convenient back button, making it easier than ever to navigate between pages.You can see the new navigation and back button in the top header of the application near the InsideSales.com logo.

Redesigned Menu The Playbooks menu now lets you access different types ofTasks more quickly, makes it easier to log out, and has a fresh new design.

Other Product Improvements

  • Playbooks now attempts to automatically update again if an update fails to successfully install.
  • Resolved an issue where Playbooks was slowing down Salesforce loading.
  • Resolved an issue where font size on emails was changing to 8.5 size
  • Resolved an issue where the NeuralScore sorting wasn't sorting correctly.
  • Added error handling when key services are unavailable.
  • Added the ad-hoc dial action to the call task screen
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