Live Call Monitoring

Playbooks makes it easy for Sales Managers to provide real-time coaching and feedback to reps directly through the phone using the new Live Call Monitoring tool. Using Call Monitoring, managers can listen in on live calls, coach reps behind the scenes via call whispers, or become an active party on the call by using the barge feature.

Using Call Monitoring:

  1. Launch the Playbooks Manager web-app and click the "Call Monitoring" tab
  2. Ensure your phone number is entered in Call Monitor settings (the gear nextto search)
  3. Click Join Call next to a rep who is actively on a call, select the desiredmonitoring action
  4. Playbooks will call you at the number you entered in Call Monitor Settings tobegin monitoring

Managers can switch between Listen, Whisper, and Barge as needed.

Playbooks Icon on List View Records (Salesforce Only)

To make it easier to see which prospects are enrolled in Playbooks, and more easily open and import them to Playbooks, we've added a new Playbooks icon to list views on leads and contacts in Salesforce. Click the icon to view a record in Playbooks, or to import a record into Playbooks.

Improved Voicemail Experience

 We've improved the experience reps go through when they are recording a new pre-recorded voicemail message to use on their calls - Playbooks now walks reps through each step of recording and saving the message. You can try the new experience by going to Settings, Click Phone, and then click "+ NewVoicemail".

Improved Call Logging Experience

We've improved the call logging experience, making it easier for reps toremember to log their calls. Now when a call has ended, the call log will pop-upon the screen, disabling other buttons and functions in Playbooks. Once a callhas been successfully logged to the CRM, Playbooks will become active again.

Other Product Improvements

  • Added Pre-Recorded Voicemail support for Ad-Hoc & Click-to-Call calls.
  • Added a Test Send button for email templates.Fixed an issue with the "Add to Playbooks" button on contact roles from opportunities.
  • Fixed an issue where email templates were defaulting to Arial font. Fixed an issue where wait times in a Play could not be changed.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled calls in the "Next" button get stuck. Fixed several issues impacting call/email tasks syncing to the CRM.
  • Fixed an issue where calls were being logged as "Calls" instead of "Phone" in Salesforce. Playbooks now attempts to automatically update again if an update fails to successfully install.
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