Better Email Suggest

Reps spend a large part of their day verifying phone numbers and email addresses. Playbooks now makes this faster by checking the email address of every record loaded, scoring them for likelihood to contact, and suggesting new email addresses if one with a higher likelihood to contact exists.

Playbooks checks the standard Do-Not-Call and Email Opt-Out fields on Leads/Contacts in the CRM every 12 hours to determine if a person is Do-Not-Call orEmail Opt-Out. This means that if you load a record that was marked as do-not-call/do not email within the last 12 hours, you will still be able to call or email them in Playbooks.

Centralized Email Template Management

It is essential that reps have high-quality email content at their fingertips while prospecting. With this release, managers can now create and share email template across multiple teams using the new Templates feature in the Playbooks Manager App. To create and share templates, login to the Playbooks Manager, click Templates, and create/share email templates.

Templates can be shared in mass or on a team-by-team basis. Users within these teams will see that the template was shared from their manager or admin.

Note: Tags are currently personal to the manager and will not be shared along with the template.

Email Template Reporting

Managers want insight into which email templates reps are using in their prospecting efforts. With this update, Playbooks now optionally saves the name of the template used for emails that are sent on the activity saved to the CRM. To utilize this functionality, an administrator must create a field on the activity object in the CRM.

Salesforce Setup: Create a text field on the activity object with the API name of"Playbooks_Step_Email_Template_Name".

Dynamics Setup: Create a text field on the activity object with the API name of"pb_email_template_name".

Auto-Enroll by Report / Saved Views

Auto-enrollment now allows managers to leverage the advanced filtering fromSalesforce Reports and Dynamics Saved Views. When a record qualifies for are port or saved view, they'll automatically be added to the associated Play. To configure auto-enrollment by report/list view, go to the Playbooks Manager tool,open Plays, and click "Auto-Enrollment", and select "Salesforce Report" or"Dynamics Query."

Click-to-Call on Accounts

While working records in the CRM, you may come across an account that doesn't have a contact listed to call. With this update, reps can now click-to-call directly on phone numbers on the account, making it easier than ever to utilize Playbooks for all calling efforts. Calls to accounts are saved to the CRM just like any other phone call.

Other Product Improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where email open notifications stacked on each other in the UI.
  • Fixed a number of issues around click-to-call dialing.Fixed an issue wherePlaybooks was causing issues with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Fixed an issue with Dynamics where reps could not be added to a team if they did not have a first name. Playbooks now informs reps more clearly when they are disconnected from the CRM sync.
  • Updated the user experience on the Company view screen.
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