Permission Groups

A new permission system has been released, which gives administrators the ability to restrict what features are available for reps. For example, if an administrator wanted to restrict which reps can create Plays - they can alter the permission group assigned to the rep to restrict this feature.

Administrators can create permission groups from the Settings page in the Playbooks Manager App. While on Settings, click "Permission Groups" to edit permission groups or edit existing groups.

All newly added users moving forward are automatically assigned to the standard "Sales Rep" permission group. To change the permission group assigned to a user, edit the user in the Playbooks team and click "Change" under the currently assigned permission.

Call Recording Restrictions

In order to align with complex state and international privacy laws, call recordings can now be restricted to record only certain area codes, countries,or record only the rep speaking on recordings.

To configure which calls are recorded, go to Settings, click Manage Exceptions,and follow the prompts.

Email Effectiveness Reports in CRM (Salesforce Only)

Managers and reps often want to know how their email content is performing so that they can optimize it. This is now possible through the CRM. Managers andReps can know open rates, click rates, and reply rates, for every Play, Play Step,and Email Template used in Playbooks.

Salesforce Fields:

In order to access the functionality mentioned above a Salesforce admin will need to add the following fields to the Task record:

Playbooks_Step_Email_Template_Name__c  (text)

Playbooks_Step_Email_Opened__c (boolean)

Playbooks_Step_Email_Open_Count__c (int)

Playbooks_Step_Email_Replied__c (boolean)

Playbooks_Step_Email_Reply_Count__c (int)

Playbooks_Step_Email_Link_Clicked__c (boolean)

Playbooks_Step_Email_Link_Click_Count__c (int)

Playbooks_Step_Email_Link_Clicked_Data__c (text)

Once these fields have been added data will start populating immediately in the tasks and reports can be constructed for all of the metrics mentioned above.

Other Product Improvements

  • Managers can now organize Plays with tags.
  • Clicking on the green banner while on a call now opens the person record in Playbooks.
  • Upon completing an import, reps are now immediately brought to the newly imported record.
  • Added a hotkey combo to open and close Playbooks. Alt-A on Windows,Option-A on Mac. This can be changed in extension settings.
  • Resolved an issue where users could not change wait times on duplicatedPlays.
  • Resolved an issue where CRM navigation mode was automatically turning off.
  • Resolved an issue where Canadian numbers were not being dialed properly.
  • Resolved a number of email formatting issues.
  • Resolved an issue where Click-to-Email did not stay disabled when disabled
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