What is a Play?

A Play is a series of prospect/customer touches or attempts that help you progress through the sales cycle. They can provide call cues, email templates, and other content to help you accelerate your effort and identify what's working with your customers.

Creating A New Play

Plays can be created in the Playbooks Manager or the Playbooks Chrome Extension. 

Note: Users must have the "Manage Plays" permission in order to create plays.
Note: Users must have the "Manager App Access"
permission in order to login to the Playbooks Manager App.

From the Playbooks Manager: After logging into Playbooks Manager, click on the tab called Plays. Click on the green "+" button, and click "Create New".

From the Playbooks Chrome Extension: Click on the Menu button in Playbooks, then click "Plays". You can then click the green "+" button and click "Create New".

Play Components

  • Automatic Email Step - In some scenarios, you will not need to review an email before it is sent. Automatic emails are ideal in these situations. For more information on Automatic email review this article or these release notes.
  • Regular Email Step - Design a new email or use an email template from your library.
  • Phone Call Step - Call the person. You can use the Cue Card to list key points or include a full script. A voice message can be prerecorded and left with the click of a button if no one answers. You still have the option to leave your own message or leave no message.
  • Other Step - Describe what action should be taken. Some examples include: a social interaction (LinkedIn or Facebook), a hand written card, or updating an Opportunity record in your CRM.
  • Wait time can be entered in days, hours (up to 8), and minutes. When you select 1 day, it means the next business day. So if a Play starts on Monday with a phone call step, then there is 1 day wait time, that means the second step will be on Tuesday. 
  • Playbooks considers Saturday and Sunday as a weekend, and will not count towards wait time. 
  • Playbooks has no consideration for holidays. If Monday were a holiday, for example, when users return to work on Tuesday, Playbooks will show the tasks from Monday as past-due.

Limitations on Play Editing and Enrollment

  1. Once prospects have been enrolled into a Play step that Play cannot be added, removed, or rearranged. However, you can make a copy of the Play and make the step modifications you need. (See Cloning Plays below)
  2. A person (lead,contact) from the CRM cannot be in multiple Plays at the same time. This affects reporting in the CRM since Playbooks updates a custom field Playbooks Play Name with the current Play assignment.
  3. Only users with the "Edit All Plays" permission can edit a play they did not create. Users without this permission will only see Plays they created and have Read access to Plays assigned to their Team. 

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