Brand new Playbooks users will be prompted in install the Playbooks extension from the "First Time User Experience". But there may be situations when you will need to uninstall the extension and re-install.

Because Playbooks is a Chrome extension you can go to the Chrome store and search for Playbooks Extension, or click here:

You will see the latest version listed and can click the blue "Add to Chrome" button.

A pop-up will open giving you some insight of what the extension will do. Click the "Add extension" button.

The Playbooks Chrome Extension requests the following permissions upon installation:

  • Read and Change your Data on a number of websites: Allows to integrate with your CRM page for features like Click-to-Call and CRM Navigation
  • Read your browsing history: Allows us to open a tab to a new prospect and keep the application state in sync across tabs
  • Display Notifications: Allows us to publish Desktop notifications for things like Scheduled Call Reminders
  • Communicate with cooperating websites: Allows you to integrate with the extension using our JavaScript SDK for things like custom Click-to-Call integrations

At this point, the extension will appear in the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

Recommendation: If you use Incognito Windows you will need to enable the extension to appear. Right-click on the extension, then select Manage Extension. If you scroll down, there is an option to "Allow in Incognito".

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