As reps send email through Playbooks, those emails are tracked and reps are notified when their prospects engage with their emails. To send and track emails, the following email systems are supported: Exchange (SMTP), Office 365 for Business Online, or Gmail.

Exchange / SMTP Relay Requirements

  1. The SMTP server must be reachable to our servers either by using an external SMTP server or whitelisting IP addresses.
  2. A port must be specified to connect to the email server. Playbooks supports both methods of secure connection (via Port/SSL or Protocol/TLS) but if the Port/SSL method is used then Port 465 must be used.
  3. A service account's credentials will be entered during setup. The service account credentials simply refer to a user whose credentials will be used to connect to the SMTP server and send on behalf of all other Playbooks users. These credentials need to have no expiration or very infrequent expiration set in order to not interrupt sending email on behalf of all other Playbooks users.
    NOTE: This is not an Exchange EWS service account. This is simply an SMTP username and password.
    There are no "Send on Behalf Of" or "Impersonation Rights" required.

NOTE: Emails sent from Playbooks will not appear in the user's "Sent Items" folder, or get bounce detection, nor reply tracking when integrated with Exchange/SMTP Relay.

O365 Requirements

Users must be able to authorize 3rd Party Apps. If Admin consent is required to authorize 3rd Party Apps you can follow the instructions in this article:

Gmail Requirements

There are no additional requirements or configuration required from the Gmail admin console.  

Setup Email in Playbooks

Review this article for steps and guidance on how an admin will setup email during initial Playbooks configuration.

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