Telephony Requirements

  • An E.164 compliant DID phone number (US numbers should be 10 digits)
  • Adequate inbound telephony trunks
  • Preferred codec for VoIP is G.711

The InsideSales product suite requires a DID (Direct Inward Dialing, also known as a Direct Inbound Number). DIDs connect directly to the sales rep instead of requiring an extension or phone menu. InsideSales does not provide DIDs. Direct SIP integrations are not available.

When reps place calls using Playbooks from, Playbooks calls the rep first (referred to as "connecting the agent leg") and once the rep is connected, the InsideSales system calls out to the prospect and bridges the inbound and outbound legs together. This means that to a PBX system, all call traffic is inbound. It is essential that your inbound call concurrency level can support an open inbound call connection for all reps.

Call Forwarding

When reps are actively making calls using Playbooks they need to have call forwarding disabled on the designated phone number that will be dialed to connect the agent leg. If call forwarding is enabled, this creates another hop for the rep to be connected to the agent leg and the risk that the client leg would be connected prior to the agent leg because will attempt to connect the client leg after the system confirms the connection to the DID number was successful.  

If reps would like to make and receive Playbooks calls on a different phone number than their desk/mobile DID phone, they can edit their agent leg number by going to Menu > Settings > Phone > edit Agent Number, and change to a different DID.

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